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新設大学ソフトボール選手における外傷・障害の特徴 ─ 過去の外傷・障害統計報告との比較から ─

Publication Date
  • ソフトボール (Softball)
  • スポーツ外傷・障害 (Sports Injury)
  • 顎顔面領域 (Maxillofacial Region)


The purpose of this study to investigate injury by a male and female collegiate softball players. With a male player, much injury locus was shoulder(30%), elbow joint( 13.3%) finger(10%), lumbar part(10%), knee(10%), back (10%), toes(6.7%), joint of hand(3.3%), hip(3.3%), ankle (3.3%). The injury locus with a female player with much, was shoulder(27.3%),elbow joint(15.2%), knee(15.2%), face pars(9.1%), lumbar part(6.1%), cruris(6.1%), toes(6.1%),joint of hand(3.1%), finger(3.1%), hip(3.1%),femoral region(3.1%), ankle(3.1%). Results was resembled a former report. The characteristic of a female player was facial injury. As for this facial injury, prevention was possible by improvement of exercise methods and improvement of grand facilities. For a disorder of shoulder, prophylactic training is necessary. If a pain came out in shoulder, elbow joint, should go to a hospital immediately.

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