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Infinitex: An interactive editing system for the production of large texture data sets

Computers & Graphics
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DOI: 10.1016/j.cag.2010.09.012
  • Texture Streaming
  • Compositing
  • Content Creation


Abstract Recent advancements in graphics hardware have made the use of texture streaming methods feasible for real-time applications. Using these methods, not only texture resolution and detail can be increased up to gigapixel resolution, but when used together with well authored textures these techniques can offer dramatically improved visual quality. However, systems aiding in texture data production itself have received a lot less attention than the streaming and rendering problem. When using current production methods in a texture streaming environment, these methods tend to break down and reduce artist efficiency to the point where the technology is no longer used to its full potential. In this paper we describe the details behind our Infinitex system. Infinitex is a texture creation and editing system that allows the users, i.e. artists, to produce large texture data in an intuitive and interactive way. Our system goes beyond a simple editor, as it incorporates the whole production process from the initial empty environment until the final finished product and addresses all the challenges that arise along the way when producing gigabytes of texture data. In particular, we will focus on versioning, management, continuity, and security. We show how our system, through the use of just-in-time tile generation, offers interactive editing and management operations while meeting all the other constraints imposed on the system.

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