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Advancing study on spirochaetal Microorganisms isolated from Animals and ‎Bird

كلية طب بيطرى _ جامعة الزقازيق(place (Egypt))
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  • Veterinary Science And Hygiene - General Aspects
  • Miscellaneous Animal Disorders
  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Microorganisms
  • Spirochaetales
  • Medicine


It has been possible to isolate the spiro chaeta micro organism to the birds ‎from infected tick and poultry in different regions across the republic (EL-‎Kanater, Banha, Cairo, EL-Wady EL-Gedeed and Wady EL-Natron), it has ‎been also isolated 2 strain from duck and turkeys. (Banha EL-Wady EL-‎Gedeed) by performing the precipitating agar test, challenge , and passage ‎from bird to birds. It revealed it same disease in different bird (dhickens, ‎turkeys and duck). It is source as on strain of the Borrelia anserina strain for ‎Birds present in Egypt. It has been possible to maintain the micro organisms ‎at different of temperature from (37oC to- 70oC) the virulence of strain over ‎the different kinds chickens breed in Egypt the most resistance and ‎endurance the disease are Fayoumy poultry where the more effect are isa ‎babcock type. By comparing the usage of the various anti biotic in drinking ‎water flumeqiun 10%the sulphaguanidi AS, for deep g/m the use of pencillin ‎procain to pencillin K. Sodium give in one dose. Is sufficin to demolish the ‎Borrelia amserima from the infected bird, while the use of pencillin G. ‎Sodium alone required to 5 days consecutive the increase Y. of formalin did ‎not affect the aquired immunity whereby a deficiency lead to rednction in ‎the period of aquried immunity. Concernin the lyophilized vaccine in one ml ‎I/M give level of immunity stable for more than 24 weeks. ‎

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