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Short-lived isomers in Rb-94

Physical Review C
American Physical Society
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The medium-spin structure of the neutron-rich, odd-odd nucleus Rb-94 was studied by means of gamma-ray spectroscopy. Excited levels were populated in the neutron-induced fission of U-235 and in the spontaneous fission of Cf-252 and Cm-248. Two isomeric states were found at 1485.2 and 2074.8 keV with half-lives of 18 and 107 ns, respectively. The probable structures of the two isomers involve the fully aligned, proton-neutron configurations [pi(g(9/2))circle times nu(g(7/2))](8+) and [pi(g(9/2))circle times nu(h(11/2))](10-), respectively. These new data give information on the single-particle energies in the region.

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