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Billion-year age dependence of luminescence in granitic quartz

Radiation Measurements
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DOI: 10.1016/1350-4487(94)90074-4


Abstract Quartz grains from granites of known age ranging from 25 to 1040 million years old (Ma) that were previously studied using electron spin resonance (ESR), have been further studied using thermoluminescence (TL) and optically stimulated (green light) luminescence (OSL). Both inadvertently light-exposed quartz grians (Q1 samples) and the same quartz grains after further controlled light exposure (Q2 samples) plus gamma dose yielded signal characteristics strongly correlated with the crystallization age of the host granite. TL peak temperature in Q1 samples was positively correlated with age, whereas an anticorrelation with age was found for the OSL response after beta dose and standard preheating to Q1 samples. Regenerated TL sensitivity was found to decline in linear fashion with age ( R 2=0.998) for Q2 samples. The various correlations with age appear better than those found previously in these samples using ESR signals. It is concluded that luminescence pathways are altered over geologic time in a similar way for all the granites, and these changes may be potentially useful as a long-ranging quartz geochronometer.

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