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Microsoft Word - Snippets for March 2012 Snippets Snippets from the worldwide web Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, 2012; 41(1): 38-39 Nevirapine Safely Lowers HIV-1 Transmission by Breast-Feeding A daily oral dose of nevirapine given to infants up to 6 months of age can safely reduce mother-to- child transmission of HIV-1 via breast-feeding, according to the results of a phase 3, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial published online December 23 in the Lancet. Nevirapine given once-daily for the first 6, 14, or 28 weeks of life to infants exposed to HIV-1 via breastfeeding reduces transmission through this route compared with single-dose nevirapine at birth or neonatally. No Intussusception Rise Seen With Vaccine Reintroduction The reintroduction of rotavirus vaccination in the United States has not resulted in an increase in hospitalization for intussusception among infants, according to a study published online January 2, 2012, in the Archives of Pediatric Adolescent Medicine. A live, attenuated tetravalent rotavirus vaccine (RotaShield, Wyeth) that was introduced in 1998 was withdrawn a year later amid concerns of an increased risk for the severe bowel obstruction among infants within several weeks of their being vaccinated. Bacterial Infection Common With Children's Chronic Wet Cough Purulent bronchitis is common among children with chronic wet cough, according to a retrospective study published online January 9, 2012, in Pediatrics. In addition, 56% of the children in the study, all of whom had been referred to a paediatric pulmonary clinic because of an intractable wet cough, had bacterial infections of the lower airway. Th

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