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Special Evidentiary Actions

Ministry of Interior of Republic of Croatia, Police Academy; [email protected]
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  • Posebne Dokazne Radnje
  • Uvjeti Primjene Posebnih Dokaznih Radnji
  • Rezultati Posebnih Dokaznih Radnji
  • Pravni Standardi I Uvjeti Njihove Primjene
  • Special Evidentiary Actions
  • Conditions For Using Special Evidentiary Actions
  • Results Of Special Evidentiary Actions
  • Legal Standards And Conditions For Their Use
  • Law


This paper analyzes the special evidentiary actions, beginning with the applicable legal solutions which standardize the legal conditions of their application. By elaborating the conditions which are divided into general and particular, it analyzes the content of each specific evidentiary action and its results. In the comparative part of the paper, the present legislative solutions of the selected countries and their normative regulation of specific evidentiary acts are looked upon. The legal standards and conditions needed for their determination and occuring implementational constraints are analysed in particular, including the specific questions related to the probative evidentiary value of those actions (in criminal procedure).

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