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A study on public personnel management system in the later period of the Lee Dynasty

Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University
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In the later period of the Lee Dynasty, the public personel administration ran completely out of the established principle. The most serious irregularity may be about the transfer of high rank officials: Many high rank officials experienced the transfer of their positions 40 times within 3 years in average, meaning that each official was transfered in one month or two. No wonder they could not understand the contents of their new jobs. Thus, they had no other way than to rely on lower-level bureaucrats, since these bureaucrats remained almost permanently in their positions. Moreover, the rank system itself was much hurted the practice that many high-rank officials in symbolic higher-level positions preferred important lower-level positions. This practice gave a severe blow to the class system of the dynasty: one's official rank was no more matched with his social status. All these were parts of factors which caused the slow destruction of the noble class in the later period of the Lee Dynasty.

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