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Transplantation immunology

Landes Bioscience
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DOI: 10.4161/chim.26155
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Abstract Chimerism 61 Chimerism 4:3, 61–61; July/August/September 2013; © 2013 Landes Bioscience Letter from the editor Letter from the editor This Special Focus on Transplantation Immunology issue of Chimerism features papers focusing on the role of chimerism in transplantation immunology. The field of immunologic tolerance, which owes its origins to an experiment of nature result- ing in hematopoetic mixed chimerism,1 is the subject of our featured Forum article—a debate between Jeff Mold and Colin Anderson on the implications for tolerance of the layered development of the human immune system (p. 62).2 Jeff argues that different species (e.g., mice vs. humans) have different solutions to achieve tolerance, with a preponderance of Treg in fetal life being critical for pri- mates, while Colin considers the primary rules for tolerance are instead conserved and argues for the primacy of central tolerance. The impact of fetal chimerism resulting from pregnancy on the outcome of organ transplantation in women of childbearing age is the subject of a Cutting Edge View Transplantation immunology William J. Burlingham department of Surgery; University of Wisconsin School of medicine & Public health; madison, Wi USA Correspondence to: William J. Burlingham; Email: Submitted: 05/16/13; Revised: 07/20/13; Accepted: 08/01/13 by Ma et al., which considers the immu- nologic consequences of the melange of donor-, grandmother-, and fetal-derived cells present in the transplant recipient (p. 71). Miura et al. review the literature on mesenchymal stromal cells, and their apparent benefit as an addition to hema- topoetic stem cell transplantation, despite their lack of successful long-term engraft- ment (p. 78). Original Research Papers by Hirayama et al. (p. 84), Solgi et al. (p. 87) and Kornblit et al. (p. 95) add to the grow- ing literature on diagnostic and therapeu- tic uses of

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