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Equal opportunities for women and men. The third medium-term Community action programme. 1991-1995. COM (90) 449 final, 6 November 1990

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CO:MMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COI\1MUNITIES COM(90)449 f1nal Brusse Is, 6 November 1990 EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR \\OMEN' AND lVIEN The third medimn-term community action programme 1991-1995 I. INTRODUCTION A review of the two oreylous Action Programmes The CommunIty has pI ayed a pI vota I role In promoting equa I I ty of opportunity between women and men. Since 1975, following the adoption of the Social Action Programme, the Community has through Its legal actions clarified and progressively enlarged the field of application of the principle of equal treatment- a principle enshrined In the provisions of Article 119 of the Treaty of Rome. Subsequently, the Community adopted two Action Programmes for Equal Opportunities which have faci I ltated significant progress towards the achievement of equality between men and women. Implementation of the law, however, cannot alone secure de facto equal lty of opportunity. The Commission during the course of the first two action programmes therefore strove to promote specific action aimed at improving the situation of women in practice, particularly in the field of employment. The establishment of Networks for the purpose of facilitating contacts and exchanging Information across the Member States, the development of awareness-raising initiatives, the dissemination of information and the provision of financial support for concrete positive action proJects, particularly directed towards the most disadvantaged groups of women, have alI contributed to focussing attention on the common obstacles and problems faced by women across to Community. Such action has also remedied instances of inequality as well as mobi I ising the different "equality partners", especially the Member States and the Social Partners. The Commission has furthermore worked in close collaboration with the equal opportunities commissions or other equality Institutions within the Member States whose role has grown progressively. Such collabo

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