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Esther Jones ( AL 109 )



AL 109 Interviewee: Esther Jones Interviewer: Debra Hess Date: March 11, 1989 H: This is an interview for the Florida Oral History Archives. My name is Debra Hess. Today is March 11, 1989, and I am interviewing Esther Jones at her home outside Alachua, Florida. Mrs. Jones moved to Alachua County in the 1940s and has been a long-time member of First Lutheran Church in Gainesville. State your full name for me, please. J: Esther Magdalena Schwehn Jones. H: Is Schwehn your maiden name? J: Schwehn is my maiden name. H: That must be a German name. J: That is a true German name. H: Where were you born? J: In New Haven, Indiana. H: Where is New Haven? J: New Haven is about ten or twelve miles from Fort Wayne, in the northeast section of Indiana. H: Tell me a little bit about your family. When were you born? J: Oh, dear. H: You can just state the date, if you like. J: In 1917 in New Haven. That is where I went to school, the Lutheran school. H: Do you remember the name of that school? J: Emanuel Lutheran School from the Emanuel Lutheran Church. H: Is that church still in New Haven? J: The building is still there, but it had been sold to, I think, the Church of Christ. AL 109 Page 2 Emanuel rebuilt about five or six blocks from there. H: What were your parents' names? J: My dad's name was Herman, and my mother's name, naturally, was Magdalena. H: That is how you got your middle name? J: That is how I got my middle name. H: What did your father do for a living? J: He was a farmer. H: What kinds of things did they grow on their farm? J: Corn, oats, and wheat, and we had a lot of cows that we had to milk before we went to school and after we came home from school. We did not have things like they have now – automatic. We had to do it by hand. H: Your mother helped on the farm, too, I suppose.

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