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Local knowledge and innovation policy

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c2505ed 633..637 Local knowledge and innovation policy Innovation policy has become a key issue in many countries. There is also growing awareness that one of the foundation stones of an effective innovation strategy is formed by a professional and advanced local knowledge infrastructure (see, eg, Jaffe et al, 1993; Saviotti and Nooteboom, 2000). This theme issue is devoted to the interface between local knowledge and innovation policy. Modern times characterized by global goals and new communication forms at reduced costs have revealed several paradoxes. First, the global market equilibrium is decided at the intersection of the firm's intention to achieve revenues based on large- scale economies and the simultaneous need to satisfy each of the clients' specific local needs. Secondly, social and economic targets in developed countries show how intellectual capital is becoming more important than ever in society, while private investments inject progressively more financial capitalöeven on the basis of expected future profits. Finally, the environmental challenge advises against uncontrolled growth and consumption, yet much of the economic survival of countries and their respective populations seems to depend on the development of new mechanisms to produce and sell more. This general context for world development stresses novel approaches and reflec- tions on the search for sustainable solutions which combine social, economic, and environmental issues. The sequence of papers now presented provides an inspiring discussion on the essential role of knowledge as an indirect instrument to model and balance growth, as long as one takes into account the recent phenomena of global- ization, ICTs (information and communication technologies) and the mobility of productive factors, as well as those paradoxes and dichotomies described earlier. Innovation is the common thread among the cases described; whenever possible there is an expressed intention to enhance the perception of the local dimension in t

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