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Efficacy of Oxamyl Against Heterodera schachtii on Cabbage

Journal of Nematology
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The efficacy of oxamyl in controlling Heterodera schachtii on cabbage was determined by applying various contbinations of soil drenches at 6.7 kg (a.i.)/ha and foliar sprays at 0.04 kg (a.i.)/100 liters of water to cabbage seedlings. Pretransplant drenches provided some control of H. schachtii over a 13-week period. A single foliar spray of oxamyl 1 week before transplanting apparently prevented penetration of H. schachtii larvae; post-transplant sprays were relatively ineffective. A pretransplant or transplant drench combined with a foliar application 2 weeks after transplanting provided the most effective control. The effectiveness of drenches plus post-transplant sprays is probably due to the spray augmenting the action of the drench in inhibiting the development of larvae after penelration. Key Words: Vydate@, I)uPontÖ 1410, sugarbeet cyst nematode, Brassica oleracea var. capitata, nonfumigant nematicide, chemical control.

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