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Neka obilježja seizmičnosti u Hrvatskoj i susjednim područjima u 1988. godini

Andrija Mohorovicic Geophysical Institute
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  • Katalog Potresa
  • Hrvatska
  • Catalogue Of Earthquakes
  • Croatia


Based on the catalogue of all located earthquakes in Croatia and the surroundings areas in 1988, the map of epicenters (Figure 1), and on the macroseismic data analysis for individual earthquakes, certain seismic features have been analyzed. During 1988, 588 earthquakes with 6 or more onset time data were located and the catalogue was found to be complete for the magnitudes ≥ 3.2. Seismically most active were the coastal part of Croatia (the Jablanac-Velebit area and the valley of the river Neretva with Metković) and the Adriatic submarine area near the island Palagruža. The Appendix includes the main parameters for the 42 earthquakes with a magnitude ML ≥ 3.5. All hypocenters have been located by means of the HYPOSEARCH location program (Herak, 1989a).

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