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Reprezentacija islama i muslimana u hrvatskim dnevnim novinama od 1990. do 2006. godine

Institute for social research in Zagreb
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  • Hrvatske Dnevne Novine
  • Analiza Sadržaja
  • Identitet
  • Demokratizacija
  • Nacionalizam
  • Deprivatizacija I Politizacija Religije
  • Politički Islam
  • Fundamentalizam
  • Croatian Daily Newspapers
  • Content Analysis
  • Identity
  • Democratization
  • Nationalism
  • Deprivatization And Politicization Of Religion
  • Political Islam
  • Fundamentalism
  • Political Science


In this paper the author presents the global and the Croatian social context in which Islam and Muslims are immersed, then the way they are represented in the media, as well as the research goal and methodology. The content analysis of Croatian daily newspapers from the two recent periods of Croatian history (1990-1998 and 1999-2006) shows that newspapers greatly contributed to the public image of Islam and Muslim activities in Croatia and in the world, based on the events from that specific time and place. Thematically, newspapers conveyed the politicization of Islam and a broader socio-political context. In the first period the most explored subjects were the war, war crimes and court trials, while human and religious rights, intolerance and protests dominated the second period. Terrorism and war on terror became increasingly relevant topics. While in the first period the focus was equally on Croatia and former Yugoslav states, in the second period it shifted to Europe and the rest of the world. Journalists used the recontextualization strategy, but also helped to understand that autochtonous Muslims in Croatia could be a useful bridge between Europe and the Muslim world.

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