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Chapter 16 Wet laboratory areas

DOI: 10.1016/s0167-9309(02)80016-3
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Publisher Summary From an evaluation of present and future needs, seawater quantity and quality to be used in wet-lab areas can be presumably quantified. This also includes decisions on central seawater processing requirements and those that are handled individually at the points of use. Water processing at the point of application has the advantage of minimizing the amount of water that needs to be treated and avoids the overspecification of required performance. From a management perspective, it also tends to shift the acquisition and operating expenses to the specific users' education or research funding rather than coming out of the facility's capital or operating accounts. In exchange, the user gets more control and operational flexibility than from the central processing option. This still leaves many decisions involving wet-lab area sizing, configuration, and distribution of services. The answers to these questions may dramatically change with time as the nature of the work or conditions change.

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