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Germs and angels:The role of testimony in young children’s ontology

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EPILEPSIA EDITORIAL BOARD – 2014 Nicholas Abend Pediatric epileptologist and encephalographer at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Epilepsy related interests: Clinical and research work focuses on EEG monitoring and management of seizures and status epilepticus in critically ill neonates and children Stéphane Auvin A child neurologist and epileptologist in Robert Debré University Hospital, Paris and is conducting experimental works at INSERM U676" Epilepsy related interests: Focused on pediatric epilepsy syndromes and their treatment as well as the role of inflammation in the developing brain" Massimo Avoli A PI at the Montreal Neurological Institute and a Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery and of Physiology at McGill University; he also teaches Human Physiology at the Sapienza University of Rome. Epilepsy related interests: Uses electrophysiological, pharmacological and molecular techniques to examine the excitability of forebrain neurons in rodents. His work focuses on the interplay of inhibitory and excitatory influences, especially as they relate to the genesis of synchronicity in neuronal networks. These processes are fundamental for understanding the mechanisms underlying the generation of seizures in epileptic patients and for developing new antiepileptic drugs. In addition, by using in vitro whole-cell measurements and in vivo electrophysiological recordings, Dr. Avoli’s studies are aimed at establishing the role of inhibitory mechanisms in the process of epileptogenesis in models of temporal lobe epilepsy. Fabrice Bartolomei Professor of Physiology (Aix-Marseille University) and Neurologist. He is leading the Clinical Neurophysiology department and the Hopital Henri Gastaut-Centre Saint-Paul in Marseille (France). Epilepsy related interests: Involved in the presurgical evaluation of

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