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The Use of Experimental Animals During Investigation of Dental Implants

School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatian Dental Society - Croatian Medical Association
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  • Dentalni Implantat
  • Eksperimentalni Model
  • Pas Pasmine Beagle
  • Dental Implant
  • Experimental Model
  • Beagle Dog
  • Design
  • Medicine


The use of animals during investigations is an accepted method for verification of current theoretical principles in medical practice. There is almost no species or subspecies of the animal world on which scientific research has not been carried out. The laboratory rats, dogs, chimpanzees and pigs are most often used in stomatological investigations. Each new dental implantation system requires strict scientific and clinical verification before its commercialisation. Experiments on animals are an unavoidable part o f basic investigations, e.g. testing the toxicity of dental implants, investigation of its biocompatibility, and evaluation o f the success of the form (design). Scientific approach to investigations o f dental implants began in the 1950’s, and scientific methods o f research are daily becoming sophisticated, and criteria for clinical evaluation more rigid. The paper describes a basic investigation o f a new implantation system, DPI, carried out on beagle dogs as the experimental model. The investigation was performed entirely in the Department for Oral Surgery School of Dental Medicine University o f Zagreb. Results o f the investigation confirm that the DPI system is a good, usable, outstanding design, biocompatible and oseointegrative. The beagle dog proved to be a good experimental model for testing dental implants.

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