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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to K. Frei, Sandoz Pharma AG

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Jauuary 7, 1966 Dr. K. Frei c/o Saudor; A. - G., Base1 SWITZERLAND Duar Dr. Frei: Since I wrote you last X havs had the opportunity of working on a time shared on-line rystem naumly the Q32 Computer ot the SyBtm Development Corporation at Santa Monica with which I can communicate by teletype. As a program to exercise thie facility I wrota another version of the calculation of molecular formulae from maeu numbers. I am ancloaing a copy of this program which may be of aom interest to you. It ehould be very nearly as afffcisnt as tha rather larger program I sent you mmlier and a(s you vi11 see it ha6 of course many fewer instructions. I believe you will have no difficulty whatever in translating this into ALGOL. The program is writtem in TINT. a subset of the JOVIAL language which I believe has been rathtar widely publicitsd. In any ewent except for the lead and print instructioas aud for the type declaration the language is essentially ALGOL. The algorithm is baaed on a remaling of the mam number8 to the base H - 1.000. On this basis every other species of atom contributm a mass defect as defined oxt iustruction line 21. The error-bounds to this numbetr are HDL and MDh. The program then consists of allocations to H, and fittinga of the remaining atoms both to the iategar resilue and to the anaus defect. If you have any difficulties please let InB know. Sincerely yours, Joshua hderberg Professor of Genetics JL:fBif &closures

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