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Integrated technologies for sustainable stationary and mobile energy infrastructures

  • Ecology
  • Economics
  • Geography


Sustainable infrastructures need technologies that do not cause climate or environmental degradation. The only long-term sustainable solution to global warming in terms of both environmental and economic mitigation is renewable energy generation for stationary and transportation infrastructures. The papers in this special issue review some of the major technology and economic approaches to sustainable infrastructures. They specifically address the issue of sustainable energy and transportation systems, i.e. energy generation for vehicles and the relation to the stationary supply of electricity and heating. In order for communities, regions, nations and international communities to become sustainable, they must make energy into integrated infrastructures that use hybrid technologies. This chapter reviews and summarizes many of the points made in the volume to that end: sustainable infrastructures for power generation and transportation. The key is to consider the true costs for energy in terms of well to wheels and how the developing technologies for renewable energy power generation can be leveraged or made into hybrid systems that are cost-effective and sustainable. The series of articles begin to get into such as an approach for sustainable energy systems.

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