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Industrial Structures And The Paradox Of Change

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This article is an attempt to touch upon the critical question of change processes within industrial structures. The main theme is how industrial structures construct criteria for how change can be played out, and we will therefore start the article with a discussion of properties inherent to the nature of industrial structures (such as stability, a wide range of relationship content and interdependencies). This discussion is mainly based on empirical data from our own research. From these empirical data, we will propose a model that can be used for viewing change processes. This model includes a discussion linked to heterogeneous relationships and the long-term perspective of relationships. It also discusses the role of co-action in explaining HOW change takes place. Finally, it argues (mainly) for change within industrial structures as an incremental process. Although the empirical research is important as a basis for the following model, it is most interesting for us at this stage to discuss the change model itself and the thoughts developed around this model.

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