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The study of self-lubricating sintered nickel matrix material and its applications

DOI: 10.1016/s0167-8922(03)80134-7
  • Dry Bearing
  • Sintering Self-Lubricating Materials
  • Friction And Lubrication At Elevated Temperature


Abstract In the paper, a self-lubricating sintering nickel matrix material has been developed and inserted into ball bearing as new solid lubricant at 600°C. For obtaining good lubricating property, some additives are added into the nickel matrix and sintered at elevated temperature. Research shown that CaF2 has great contribution to lubrication, but amount of CaF2 must be controlled, and that the lubricating behaviors can be further improved by adding a mixture of CaF2 and BaF2, but the proportion of CaF2/BaF2 should be also controlled so that a eutectic compound of Ni and CaF2/BaF2 can form during the sintering. In the paper, the high temperature selflubricating mechanism of the material has been investigated. Topography and compositions of surface film are analyzed by using SEM and X-ray. Based on good self-lubricating behaviors of the sintering nickel matrix material, an oscillating ball face bearing has be manufactured. Its service test result show that the bearing has a service life over 1.2×105 cycle numbers and lower friction coefficient μ=0.26-0.12 from room temperature to 600°Cat different loads.

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