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Circular dichroism—LXIX11 Part LXVIII: A. Konował, G. Snatzke and P.W. Thies, Tetrahedron, in press.:Correlation between the stereochemistry of amino steroids and chiroptical properties of their unidentate copper(II) succinimidate complexes

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Abstract The complexes of formula [CuSu 2Am 2 *] formed in situ from amino steroids (Am *) and a methylene chloride solution of the complex [CuSu 2Pr 2] (Su: succinimidate; Pr: isopropyl amine) show in the range of the d-d bands two Cotton effects at approx. 700 (Band I) and 600 nm (Band II), whose signs are correlated with the preferred torsion angle of the H 2N-Cu moiety: a positive torsion angle leads to a positive CD-band I and to a negative CD-band II. These complexes form useful Cottonogenic derivatives of primary amino compounds.

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