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The strategic facilities management organisation in housing:Implications for sustainable facilities mangement

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Two houses in the same street can be built in the same year, they can look the same, and still they might provide very different support for sustainable living. This article points to the Strategic Facilities Management Organisation (SFMO) as the most important concept, to understand and manage implementation of sustainable facilities management in housing administration. The concept provides a frame for understanding the roles and relations of tenants, owners, administrators and operators. The paper is based on a Danish research project on environmentally sound building operation including literature studies, workshops, questionnaire and case studies. The article offers an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of 3 different constellations of SFMO, reflecting 3 different types of ownership: Social housing, owner occupied/private co-ops and private rented. It is a contribution to the expanding literature on sustainable facilities management, where it fills a gap as it deals with housing and strategic FM. Intended readers are those interested in housing administration and especially the transition of existing housing into more sustainable housing. Intended readers include building owners, policy makers, building administrators and FM-providers and others interested in process management and sustainability.

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