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Internship report : NOAA/MESA

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Internship Report by Katherine Spratt Baker Submitted to Marine Resource Management Program School of Oceanography Oregon State University VV17 in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science Internship: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Marine Ecosystems Analysis Program (MESA) Boulder, Colorado & Seattle, Washington TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Pa g e 0 Table of Contents Course Listing Letter to Dr. Wilmot N. Hess Internship Confirmation Letter iv Description of Duties, Responsibilities, and Accomplishments Introduction to the Marine Ecosystems Analysis (MESA) Program 1 Map of the Puget Sound Region 3 Internship Weekly Log 4 Comments 26 Appendix A: MESA Program and Puget Sound Project Offices Staffs 27 Appendix B: Overflight Reporting Form 28 Appendix C: MESA Puget Sound Project Development Plan Critical Review Team 29 Appendix D: MESA Puget Sound Project Development Plan Workshop Participants 30 Marine Resource Mana gement Master's Degree Program INTERNSHIP Oceanographer intern with the Marine Ecosystems Analysis (MESA) Program Office in Boulder, Colorado and the MESA Puget Sound Project Office in Seattle, Washington; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/ Environmental Research Laboratories (ERL)/ Department of Commerce (DOC). MARINE STUDIES Descriptive Physical Oceanography Biological Oceanography Chemical Oceanography Physical Processes in Estuaries Marine Resources Special Topic Study on the Coquille Estuary; Bandon, Oregon Navigation ' COASTAL ZONE MANAGEMENT Coastal Zone Management Natural Resources Policy Land-Use Planning Regional Economics Outdoor Recreation Policy LAW AND POLITICS Environmental Law/Water Environmental Politics Ocean Politics FISHERIES Fishery Biology Research Perspectives Statistical Methods Biochemistry (audit) ii :Thver.bsr 11775 Environmental ilea:r.Ta .Lai,oratory. Ao'aeric („olorado

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