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Verification Support for workflow Design with UML Activity Graphs

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We describe a tool that supports verification of workflow models specified in UML activity graphs. The tool translates an activity graph into an input format for a model checker according to a semantics we published earlier. With the model checker arbitrary propositional requirements can be checked against the input model. If a requirement fails to hold an error trace is returned by the model checker. The tool automatically translates such an error trace into an activity graph trace by highlighting a corresponding path in the activity graph. One of the problems that is dealt with is that model checkers require a finite state space whereas workflow models in general have an infinite state space. Another problem is that strong fairness is necessary to obtain realistic results. Only model checkers that use a special model checking algorithm for strong fairness are suitable for verifying workflow models. We analyse the structure of the state space. We illustrate our approach with some example verifications.

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