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An unusual bumber catch of white prawn, Penaeus indicus from Kovalam bay near Madras

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  • Prawn And Prawn Fisheries


In the history of the fishing village, namely, Kovalam (lat. 12°47'N long. 80°15'E), formerly known as Covelong, situated 35 km south of Madras City, heavy landings of the Indian white prawn, Penaeus indicus caught with gill net have occurred for the firsi time during 16th-20th December, 1984. Recent mark-recapture experiments on P. indicus have also established the fact that a longer migration of tagged white prawns took place from Cochin, (place of release) to Ovari - Manappad fishing villages on the southeast coast (Tinnaveli coast), covering a distance of 330-380 km in 68 to 103 days at a rate of 3.5 to 5.5 km/day. The southward migration of white prawns during the present study was in conjunction with the prevailing southerly current along the coast.

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