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Initial experience with a small dedicated computer system in a diagnostic x-ray department

Clinical Radiology
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DOI: 10.1016/s0009-9260(75)80123-1
  • Computer Science
  • Medicine


The operation of a small computer system involved in day to day management in an X-ray department is described. The system consists of the following equipment: PDP 8/F central processor with 8K core storage 32K magnetic disc storage High-speed paper tape reader (300 characters/s) and punch (50 characters/s) 3 Olivetti TE318 terminals with sprocket feed, paper tape reader and punch (10 characters/s). The system stores patient data relating to name, address, age, ward, referring physician, examination(s) requested, date of request, date of examination, date of report. From this data a large volume of relevant statistics is made available to the department and to the health authority. Labels for identifying record card, film envelope and X-ray films are automatically typed. During reporting coded phrases can be used by the radiologist. Interesting films can be recorded and recalled for library or consultation purposes as can research items. At report typing stage, the report heading is automatically recalled from the computer store. Coded phrases are typed automatically as is the radiologist's name and the date of the report. A ‘daybook’ is typed automatically at the end of each working day. Problems encountered in running the system and future developments are described.

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