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How to survive a macrophage attack

The Journal of Cell Biology
The Rockefeller University Press
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DOI: 10.1083/jcb1543iti3
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JCB1543iti 478 The Journal of Cell Biology | Volume 154, 2001 In This IssueIn This Issue Putting cell polarity on the map enetics and biochemistry have been used to map many of the individual pathways that establish and maintain cell polarity in yeast, but Drees et al. (page 549) have now produced the equivalent of an aerial photograph of these processes. Using a high-throughput yeast two-hybrid screen, the authors assayed the universe of likely protein–protein interactions involved in cell G polarity development. The resulting protein interaction map provides tantalizing insights and identifies dozens of potential mechanistic connections worth closer examination. The authors used 68 yeast proteins associated with the actin cytoskeleton, septins, the secretory apparatus, and Rho- type GTPases as baits in parallel two-hybrid screens covering � 90% of the pre- Connections in yeast cell polarity. dicted Saccharomyces cerevisiae ORFs. The screen uncovered 128 novel protein–protein interactions, including 44 involving previ- ously uncharacterized proteins. The appearance of known inter- actions in the screen, along with subcellular localization studies, suggests that many of the newly identified interactions are rele- How to survive a macrophage attack n a classic example of microbiolog- ical payback, mycobacteria have evolved the ability to parasitize macrophages, cells that ordinarily digest bacteria circulating in the blood. After a macrophage endocy- toses a mycobacterium, the resulting phagosome deviates from the normal maturation process and becomes a safe haven for the pathogen rather than an acidic digestive compartment for the macrophage. Fratti et al. (page 631) used this system to dissect the molecular mechanism of phagosome biogenesis, providing important new insights into phagosomal maturation and mycobacterial pathogenesis. Phagosomes containing l

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