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Cancer biomarkers detection using microstructured protein chip: Implementation of customized multiplex immunoassay

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Protein chips have demonstrated to be a sensitive and low cost solution to identify and detect tumor markers. However, efficient multiparametric analysis remains a challenge due to protein variability. Crucial parameters are the design of stable and reproducible surfaces which maintain biological activity of immobilized proteins, and immobilization conditions (buffer, pH, concentration). We have developed and characterized various surface chemistries for the immobilization of anti-tumor antigen antibodies onto microstructured glass slides. The effect of surface properties and antibody immobilization conditions was evaluated on the detection of tumor antigens involved in colorectal cancer. Experimental results demonstrated that each antibody displays variable biological activities depending on the surface chemistry and on the immobilization procedure. Under optimized conditions, we can reach a limit of detection in tumor antigen as low as 10 pM. Our microstructured chip offers the possibility to implement a customized multiplex immunoassay combining optimal immobilization condition for each antibody on the same chip. © 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

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