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Compression response of monolithic and particulate-reinforced composites of Al67Ti25Cr8and Al66Ti25Mn9

Acta Metallurgica et Materialia
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DOI: 10.1016/0956-7151(93)90247-p


Abstract The compression behavior of powder-metallurgy (P/M) processed monolithic Ll 2 compounds Al 66Ti 25Mn 9,Al 67Ti 25Cr 8 and their 20 vol.% TiB 2 particulate-containing counterparts were evaluated as a function of temperature and, at high temperatures (1000 and 1100 K), as a function of strain rate. Hot-pressed and deformed microstructures were examined by optical and transmission electron microscopy. Variations in strength with temperature and with strain rate at 1000 K of the P/M-processed monolithic materials from this study are compared against previous data for similar materials obtained by ingot metallurgy processing. Observed differences are attributed predominantly to grain size effects. For the composites, stress exponents and activation energies for creep were obtained using the power law creep equations which adequately describe the data. Compression studies were conducted between room temperature and ∼800 K on specimens of the composite material that had been subjected to various intermediate temperature heat treatments in an effort to understand qualitatively the extent to which the intrinsic matrix composition, solid solution component and precipitation strengthening (by Al 2Ti), each contributes to the observed compressive yield strength-temperature profiles.

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