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Morphologies of metallocene-catalyzed short chain branched polyethylene single crystals formed from the melt at higher temperature

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DOI: 10.1016/s0032-3861(01)00027-1
  • Short Chain Branched Polyethylene
  • Single Crystal
  • Elongated Lamellae


Abstract Metallocene-catalyzed short chain branched polyethylene single crystals, formed from the melt at a higher crystallization temperature of 114°C, were obtained. Highly elongated lamellae were formed, which are different from truncated lozenge or lenticular shaped single crystals formed at a lower crystallization temperature. It was found that there existed a definite line in the lamellae along the longitudinal growth direction and two regions were separated by the definite line. The lateral habits of both the regions were asymmetrical about the b-axis due to the chain tilting, which was the same as that at a lower crystallization temperature. Generally, the highly elongated lamellae were not straight, but curved towards the opposite direction with chain tilting direction due to a series of edge dislocation within a lamella. The inner side of a lamella was serrated and the outer side was smooth due to the lamellar curvature. The thickness of both regions of a lamella was different, the broader region was thicker than the narrower region, which was different from the uniform thickness of the lamellae formed at a lower crystallization temperature. The different thicknesses within a lamella were considered as the result of the initial thickness difference and the impact of isothermal thickening.

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