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A trigonal form of the idarubicin:d(CGATCG) complex; crystal and molecular structure at 2.0 A resolution.

  • A Dautant
  • B Langlois d'Estaintot
  • B Gallois
  • T Brown
  • W N Hunter
Publication Date
May 25, 1995
  • Mathematics


The X-ray crystal structure of the complex between the anthracycline idarubicin and d(CGATCG) has been solved by molecular replacement and refined to a resolution of 2.0 A. The final R-factor is 0.19 for 3768 reflections with Fo > or = 2 sigma (Fo). The complex crystallizes in the trigonal space group P31 with unit cell parameters a = b = 52.996(4), c = 33.065(2) A, alpha = beta = 90 degree, gamma = 120 degree. The asymmetric unit consists of two duplexes, each one being complexed with two idarubicin drugs intercalated at the CpG steps, one spermine and 160 water molecules. The molecular packing underlines major groove-major groove interactions between neighbouring helices, and an unusually low value of the occupied fraction of the unit cell due to a large solvent channel of approximately 30 A diameter. This is the first trigonal crystal form of a DNA-anthracycline complex. The structure is compared with the previously reported structure of the same complex crystallizing in a tetragonal form. The geometry of both the double helices and the intercalation site are conserved as are the intramolecular interactions despite the different crystal forms.

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