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Experter i morgon- och kvällspress

Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen
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  • Expert
  • Medieteori
  • Media
  • Legitimitet
  • Dagstidning
  • Law And Political Science


The thesis examines how Swedish newspapers use experts to legitimize their news reports. The method used is a textual analysis, focusing on the form of the articles and their content. This is done with a media theory and different theoretical perspectives on expert function, and their way of operating with an agenda. The thesis analysis 60 randomly selected news articles. The articles are published on the same day and in six different magazines. The analysis consist of two major daily newspapers, two regional newspapers and two evening papers. Conclusions of the essay is that experts are used to legitimate news organizations. The type of experts that is used depends on the type of newspaper it appears in. The usage is also dependent on competitors' reporting. The experts are sometimes used to give the newspaper a unique character compared to its competing newspapers. Several types of experts are present and certain types of experts that could be present are not.

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