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Prisoners' Rights to Use of the Mail, Internet and Telephone-Cases Relating to Chapter 5

Elsevier Inc.
DOI: 10.1016/b978-1-59345-503-3.50021-3
  • Law


Publisher Summary This chapter presents several case studies related to prisoners' rights to use of the mail, internet, and telephone. The cases presented are: Procunier v. Martinez (the constitutionality of the Director's rules restricting the personal correspondence of prison inmates); Wolff v. McDonnell (the extent to which prison authorities can open and inspect incoming mail from attorneys to inmates); Turner v. Safley (to determine the constitutionality of regulations promulgated by the Missouri Division of Corrections relating to inmate marriages and inmate-to-inmate correspondence); Thornburgh v. Abbott (Federal Bureau of Prisons broadly permit federal prisoners to receive publications from the “outside,” but authorize prison officials to reject incoming publications found to be detrimental to institutional security).

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