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Community Care and Nursing Education in England

  • コミュニティケア
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  • 看護教育
  • Community Care
  • Nursing Education
  • England
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Like Japan countries such as the USA, France, Holland and UK face a number of challenges in their health care systems arising from new demands on health services, including increasing burden of chronic illness,growing importance of new infectious diseases and growing number of elderly people. To light the changing needs most of the industrialized countries have undertaken significant reforms in their health care systems in recent years. In UK the NHS and Community Care Act was enacted in 1990, and then the reformation and reorganization of NHS (National Health Service) were conducted to improve health services,especially community care. Such movements in health services gave immediate impact upon the nursing education.The curriculum was examined by focusing on the community care so that the students who intended to be nursing professions were expected to have ability to measure people's needs in all sorts of regions,and to manage and offer suitable care. The training of the second level nurses was stopped.

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