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Praxis: job quality in Britain

UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES)
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Job Quality in Britain Francis Green No. 1 / November 2009 “An increasingly affluent economy should be able both to afford, and to be supported by, an increasing quality of jobs. A good job is like a luxury which we can have more of as we get richer and which also helps to keep us affluent” Francis Green Policy implications: areas for further discussion This edition of Praxis raises a number of critical issues that have significant implications for employment and skills policy development. Here Katerina Rudiger, Policy Analyst at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, highlights some of these. The views expressed in Praxis are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. 3 High Performance Working (HPW) practices, as an approach to managing work organisations, are strongly associated with increased economic performance and general employee well-being, higher job satisfaction and motivation. As a result they are seen to offer mutual advantage to the individual and the employer. Yet the average UK workplace adopts few HPW practices and the levels of awareness around good practice are low. What is the role of government in encouraging the uptake of HPW practices? Does the current public policy framework support HPW? 5 Good management and leadership are not only a result of HPW but also lead to the greater uptake of HPW practices. Management and leadership skills are crucial for better job design and autonomy in the workplace. Does the UK have a deficit in management capability and if so what needs to be done to address this? 6 The paper argues that some aspects of job quality may have deteriorated in recent decades because of the introduction of modern technologies. What is the connection between the spread of ICT and general purpose technologies and job quality? Why has greater work place innovation not resulted in greater job autonomy? 7 What impact doe

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