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Catalogue of fossil birds ( part 4: Columbiformes through Piciformes )



BULLETIN OF THE FLORIDA STATE MUSEUM BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Volume 15 Number 4 CATALOGUE OF FOSSIL BIRDS: Part 4 (Columbiformes through Piciformes) Pierce Brodkorb UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Gainesville 1971 NUlnbe.. of the BULLETIN OF THE FLORlDfl STflTE MUSEUM ~re publi'lI<'<! at irregular intervals. Volumes contain about 300 page> and are not ne""""'ily complet"'" in anyone calendar year. \Ii ALTf.~ flu ~~f_~Bf.~<J, .\fanal;ing Edit", OLWf.~ L. "'UST'N, JR., h/itor COIIShltanlS for th .. ",he: IhlD£GUDE UOWUD A',EUNDER \IiETMOilE Communication' c<>n<.uning purcha.., or .-xcha"!:,, uf the publication and all man".cr;pl> .hould be addr<."'ed to the Editor of the Ilulldin, Florida State Mu""u"", ~1"""Il"" Dri\'e, Uni\'e»ity of Florida, Caine'ville. ~1orida, 32601 I'"bliratillnd,,!t'; l~ AIlTill971 CATALOGUE OF FOSSIL BIRDS Part 4 (Columbifonnes through Picifonnes) PIERCE BRODKORB' SVI'Of'SIS: The fourth installment of the Catalogue of Fossil Bird. indude. II orders and 36 families, from the sandg'''''se through the woodpeckers in the Wetmorean system. The four part, now puhli'hed have treated the fos'il reoo.d of all but one of the orders of birds (Pa'seriformes). They COYe' 132 families (38 extinct and 94 living), 744 gene.a (404 paleogenera and 340 n""genera), and l,~22 speciell (898 paleospecies and 824 neospedes). The following ,lTe proposed new taxa of fossil bi.ds: family Zygodacty/idae for Zygodaetyl.., BaUmann in order !'icifonnes; subfamily Apopemps/dae and genus AI'0T>eml'sis for Musophaga "Wlnl Ballmann in family Musophagidae; gen'" Eoslri~ for P,()/Qftrir mlm/eo Wetmore in family Protostrigidae. Aegla/ornl' leehnaMti Gailla.d i. emended to Aegia/ornir /een/""dli, as the specific name honors Prof. F. Leenhardt of the Univenity ofToulouse. In the lin"ar 'equence the Cu""liformell pre<:ede the Psillaciformes to bring the parrot. nest to the owl<. with which they .bare many characteristics. On ground, of priority the following .ubfamily name. repl

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