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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to George Streisinger

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hmr Qeorp: I roDuld Like to help you as nnah aa reasonably pcmsible, but hops you oaa be patient in waiting for It. Among the 50 &odd [email protected]~, fertile atrains that we hed oollsoted, only the three enclosed (plue K-12 and Wfl = M?TC 122) are lreoorded aa being Igsed by T2. I auepsct that tha - T phagers are ?Vugh+spec~io", i.e., that rough variants will have to b isolated from otbrstrains to f%nd sasuept&bls8. During the asxtfewmonth8,wewG.l be handling several hundredfUrther cultures, eqmmfally the various serologioal m eulturea of E. croli. I will plan to ksep duplfoates aa we tmmfer them, ani w3ll forward &es6 to you as thrpg accumulate, for you to teat or whatiwr you pleass. I would prefer that we did not take tha rasp0aalbj.l.i~ for aoreening them against T2, 88 wo till. have our handa full anyhow, and Usy should be looked at intaneively (e.g ., various T2 and mutantstwb) for your purposee. YOU iaht fini that-me ti t+k %atuz~&ly"T&reaistantatocrks are already aaktable for the se/le&ion of T2 mutants, so even theses may be of some we to you. Thiar fs agoodid-. Goodluck Sinusrely, Joshua ‘fpdbrberg ), ----

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