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Some characteristics of lactic acid bacteria present in commercial sucuk samples

Meat Science
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DOI: 10.1016/s0309-1740(98)00004-7
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Abstract A total of 10 sucuk samples, obtained from Denizli, Turkey were analysed for some physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics. In addition, lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains producing bacteriocin-like metabolites were isolated and identified. The production of some typical metabolites of the cultures isolated was investigated. At the end of the research, the average values of the pH, water and fat content were 5.1, and 37.2% and 30.5%, respectively. Microbiological analyses results were determined: average 8.34 log CFU/g TAMB, 8.91 log CFU/g LAB (at the MRS agar) and average 8.25 log CFU/g LAB (at the Elliker's lactic agar). The average counts of yeast-mould, coliform and Enterobacteriaceae were found to be 5.0 log CFU/g, 3.28 log CFU/g and 3.27 log CFU/g, respectively. In this study, counts of yeast-mould in the two samples, coliform counts in the five samples, and Enterobacteriaceae counts in the three samples were < 1.0 log CFU/g. A total of 6 of 100 LAB isolates obtained from the sucuk samples were found as a strain producing bacteriocin-like metabolites. These 6 strains were identified as follows; 3 strains Lactobacillus plantarum and 3 strains Pediococcus pentosaceus. According to the findings, these strains have the potential to be used as a sucuk starter culture. Additionally, acid and flavour compounds, other undesirable metabolite-producing activities of the strains, were determined in the model system. From these results it was concluded, after the determination of the toxicological properties, that the 4 strains of LAB identified ( L. plantarum 13 P. pentosaceus 15 P. pentosaceus 74 and P. pentosaceus 75) would be useful as the starter and protective culture in the processing of the sucuk and similar fermented products.

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