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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to G. Brock Chisholm

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  • Communication
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or, G. 8, ci3tshohn s- R.R. 2 Wlctorfr, B.C., Can8da Oest Dr. Chisholm: I m sorry now not to have paid mch closer attentton to yew paper at Cfba; I Plnd half-r ml ssas caning to mind wein and again. Perhspr you even solved my di iumm: how the humanist could *r ins hunmi ty. (I wcmld oertQln?y not do It In cammunfcsttcm nay bo 8 better Cl&m, and ff wb b in future to dircrirainste against dolphins, wmm mchinus, or mtrb- terrsstrtst intellfgence, this 1s surety sawkr then ft self-servtng anthropacmtrism.) At my rote, may I ask you to humor my impatfenee and sand me! a copy of your draft (whfch I will happfly return If thOs suits your cca-wsn- f ewe). with best w/shes, Joshua lederberg Professor of &met 1 cs BCC: Dr. F.H.C. Crick P.S. Francis - Do we need a lie? if nothing else, the need to communicate would motivate the social contract, which does not seem to me so unreasonable a basis for ethics. Among other things it helps establish the rights of personality. The cultitration of humane feelings would be almost indispensable to make the system work at all. Or am I falling into the sentimen- tallst traps I warned our friends against?

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