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REBIC studies of a heterojunction gas sensor.

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  • Electron Beam Induced Current
  • Gas Sensors (Study Of Heterojunction Gas Sensor From P-Type Copper Oxide And N-Type Zinc Oxide Using


The elec. structure of a heterojunction gas sensor formed from p-type copper oxide and n-type zinc oxide has been investigated using hot-stage remote electron beam induced current (REBIC) microscopy. The heterojunction interface was found to be highly resistive compared with the bulk copper and zinc oxides. Elec. active barriers, displaying the characteristic EBIC contrast of a p-n junction, were obsd. at points of contacts between zinc oxide and copper oxide grains. The EBIC peak height was found to increase linearly with bias under conditions of reverse bias and decrease with forward bias. When the sensor was heated to 150 DegC contrast changes suggesting a broadening of the depletion region and an increase in the minority carrier diffusion lengths within the copper oxide and the zinc oxide were obsd. [on SciFinder (R)]

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