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Finite-sheeted covering maps over Klein bottle weakly solenoidal spaces

Croatian Mathematical Society and Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb
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  • Inverse System
  • Covering Map
  • Klein Bottle
  • Weak Solenoidal Space
  • Klein Bottle Weak Solenoidal Space
  • 2-Dimensional Torus
  • 2-Dimensional Compact Abelian Group
  • Fundamental Progroup
  • Subprogroup Of Index S
  • Conjugacy Classes Of Subprogroups Of Index S


Klein bottle weak solenoidal space Σ(p,q,r) is a continuum obtained as the inverse limit of an inverse sequence, where each term is Klein bottle and each bonding map is finite-sheeted covering map over Klein bottle. In the present paper we determine and present all s-sheeted covering maps (with connected total space) over Σ(p,q,r), s in N, both pointed and unpointed case.

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