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Utilising Local Cuisine to Market Malaysia as a Tourist Destination

Elsevier Ltd
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DOI: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.07.278
  • Destination Marketing
  • Culinary Tourism
  • Local Cuisine
  • Malaysia
  • Communication


Abstract Travelling to a tourism destination can be made more exciting by experiencing the local cuisine. The variety of cooking methods and colourful ingredients blend together in a hot wok to create signature dishes of particular cuisines. Nevertheless, a cuisine needs to be clearly defined by definite individual characteristics so it is recognised. The primary objective of this study is to understand how Malaysian cuisine is used in marketing Malaysia as a tourist destination. Content analysis is used on selected Malaysian cuisine promotional materials such as brochures, travel guides, and webpages to extract relevant data. Results show that “close-up meal” had the highest image count from among the eight categories identified. As for text, ten categories were identified. “Creating desire” topped the list, followed by “sensory appeal”. The Malaysian Government is particular in the details selected for images of and narrative on the local cuisine. As a result, the marketing collateral could provide excitement and help tourists to anticipate the type of food experience that they can find when travelling in Malaysia. Additionally, it could help understanding what Malaysian cuisine is and develop the brand image.

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