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Rich internet applications, AJAX and Javascript toolkits

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  • Computer And Information Science


The number of technologies that enable manufacturing rich web applications is growing rapidly recently. We are facing a wide range of different approaches and ways of implementation that that can be used. Choosing the right one is not always easy task. And it is almost certainly related to the adoption of compromise solutions. First part of this thesis examines some technologies that have established itself as a viable solutions for production of rich web applications in last few years. Their classification into categories, depending on the platform on which are implemented, pointing out strengths and weaknesses of their usage. The second part specifically examines the Ajax approach, which appears as a possible solution together with the Javascript toolkits for manufacturing rich web applications. The third part firstly examines characteristics of the Javascript toolkits in general. Followed by comparison between two most frequently used Javascript toolkits presenting the differences in their approaches and modalities with which are encountered in the development of web applications. Introduced technologies are increasingly present at today's web applications development. They are enabling advanced, more responsive and user-friendly implementation of web applications. Selection of the appropriate technology must be made before starting the project. Knowing what each technology provides, may be crucial for successfully implemented project.

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