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Chironomus columbiensis (Diptera: Chironomidae) New to the Fauna of the United States

Florida Entomologist
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470 Florida Entomologist 91(3) September 2008 CHIRONOMUS COLUMBIENSIS (DIPTERA: CHIRONOMIDAE) NEW TO THE FAUNA OF THE UNITED STATES L. J. H RIBAR 1 , J. H. E PLER 2 , J. M ARTIN 3 AND J. E. S UBLETTE 4 1 Florida Keys Mosquito Control District, 503 107 th Street, Marathon, FL 33050 2 461 Tiger Hammock Road, Crawfordville, FL 32327 3 Department of Genetics, University of Melbourne, Victoria, 3010, Australia 4 9000 East San Victor Drive #165, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 Previously, two of us have reported collection records for some Chironomidae (Diptera) from the Florida Keys (Hribar & Epler 2007). During that study some specimens of midges in the genus Chi- ronomus Meigen were collected that proved espe- cially difficult to identify via morphological char- acters. By examination of the polytene chromo- some banding pattern of the larvae, it was deter- mined that these midges are Chironomus columbiensis Wülker, Sublette, Morath, and Mar- tin. Adults of this species are very difficult to sep- arate from those of C. anonymus Williston (Wülker et al. 1989), which also is known from Florida. On the other hand the polytene chromo- somes provide a ready distinction between these 2 species, because C. columbiensis has a unique combination of chromosome arms (Wülker et al. 1989). The larvae were fixed in ethanol, trans- ferred to absolute AR ethanol on arrival in Austra- lia. The head and thoracic segments were trans- ferred to the normal cytological fixative (Martin et al. 2006), while the rest of the body was retained in ethanol for DNA extraction. Following prepara- tion of chromosome squashes from the salivary glands by the normal technique (Martin et al. 2006), the larval head capsule was mounted on the same slide as the chromosomes. These slides will constitute the voucher sp

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