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Restriction Length Polymorphism Analysis of Populus alba x P. hlandulosa F1 clones using Chloroplast Gene Markers

The Arboretum, Seoul National University
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  • Biology


The total DNA samples, isolated from 4 clones of P. alba x P. glandulosa were digested with 6restriction enzymes and hybridized with P-labeled gene probe from pCB16, pCB19 and pCB35 containing 2-4kb of Chloroplast DNA. When DNA samples were digested with ClaI, EcoRI and BamHI and hybridized with the probes from pCB16 and pCB29, we found the same band pattern clone 1 and 3 and also between clone 2 and 4. However, restriction site variation was found between clone 1 and 2 and also between clone 3 and 4. This result is in good agreement with the fact that the pollen parent is common for all 4 clones while clone 1 and 3 share the same seed parent and clone 2 and 4 share another same seed parent. This indicate that the inheritance of chloroplastal DNA in Populus may be maternal and that the 'RFLP' method used in our study can be useful for identification of aspen clones.

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