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Soviet Statistics of Physical Output of Industrial Commodities: Their Compilation and Quality



The Data and Their Flow This PDF is a selection from an out-of-print volume from the National Bureau of Economic Research Volume Title: Soviet Statistics of Physical Output of Industrial Commodities: Their Compilation and Quality Volume Author/Editor: Gregory Grossman Volume Publisher: Princeton University Press Volume ISBN: 0313-32462-8 Volume URL: Publication Date: 1960 Chapter Title: The Data and Their Flow Chapter Author: Gregory Grossman Chapter URL: Chapter pages in book: (p. 31 - 46) CHAPTER 3 The Data and Their Flow Definition of Output; Nomenclature; Units of Measure1 SOVIET usage distinguishes among the following physical results of industrial production: 1. Finished output (gotovaia produktsiia) comprises the products ready to be shipped out by the given enterprise and is supposed to meet these conditions: (a) passage by the quality inspection de- partment (otdel tekhnicheskogo kontrolia, abbreviated as OTK), and (b) transfer to the enterprise's finished goods warehouse, or, alternatively, delivery to the buyer. Both (a) and (b) must have taken place by midnight of the last day of the period in question. This is usually formally recorded by the transfer voucher (sdatoch- naia nakladnaia), which bears the signatures of the head of the producing shop, the OTK, and the chief of the warehouse.2 There is, however, ample evidence (some of which will be referred to in later chapters) that the formalities are not always strictly adhered to. Moreover, these conditions are clearly not applicable to some portions of industrial output, such as electrical energy or "work of an industrial nature," for example. 2. Semifinished products (polufabrikaty) are the output of a single shop intended for further fabrication within the same enter- prise. The distinction between these and finished output depends on the degree of vertical integration of the enterprise. Both are sup- posed to meet certain

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