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Mathematical Competitions for University Students

Saechsische Landesbibliothek- Staats- und Universitaetsbibliothek Dresden
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  • Spiel Methoden In Der Erziehung Prozess
  • Mathematik Wettbewerbe
  • Blitz-Olympiade
  • Breite Beteiligung
  • Game Methods In Education Process
  • Mathematics Competitions
  • Blitz Olympiad
  • Wide Participation
  • Ddc:510
  • Rvk:Sd 2009
  • Mathematics


We present several possible forms of mathematical competitions for University students. One of them is Blitz Mathematical Olympiad. It is a team competition, when all teams receive the same problem and are allotted 10-15 minutes to come up with a solution. This cycle is repeated 6-8 times with different problems. Modern Internet technologies allow us to organize Blitz Mathematical Olympiads for the teams which are in different cities and even countries.

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