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System Information Design of Public Transportation Route Web- Based

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
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Bogor is one of the city in West Java that hasa public transportation with a very densepopulation. Problems that need to beconsidered in public transportation in Bogor isthe public confusion in finding the pathtraveled by public transportation because ofthe lack of information about the route traveled,especially for people who visited Bogor.Because of the importance of planning a route/ routes in the transportation needs forinformation about public transportation routesin the city of Bogor is a very importantrequirement, one of the way is making ofsystem information design of publictransportation route – Web Based.The Development of information basedsystem and visualization maps route publictransport is to follow the steps include datacollection, modeling the system, makingnavigation structure, designing the look of thewebsite, making maps, and testing the system.Prototype with trip planning major facility thatserves to facilitate users in determining thesystem route using public transportation ispresented in this study.

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